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For Stenson, 2013 Was Doubly Good

His golf matched his pants: solid, earthy, crisp and without a hint of pizazz. For Global Golf Post Player of the Year Henrik Stenson, 2013 was golf the way it’s supposed to be: steady and unromantic, hitting fairways and greens and making enough putts for Stenson to become the first man in history to win both the FedEx Cup and the European Tour’s Race to Dubai, doing so with victories in the Tour Championship in Atlanta and the DP World Tour Championship in the desert sands of the United Arab Emirates. But even with his six-shot rout in Dubai to make history, nothing about Stenson’s year could be called swash-buckling. He didn’t have a “Mickelson at Muirield” moment or any Adam Scott, “Come on, Aussie,” drama. He won like he dressed: smart and conservative. Still, his play told a deeper and more inspiring story, one not seen on a scorecard or highlight reel. His three wins, three runner-up finishes and six other top-10s marked a triumphant comeback, the summit to a long and treacherous climb. Four years ago, Stenson lost a fortune in the Stanford Financial ponzi scheme, a hurtful period that he now attempts to dismiss by saying things like, “I have the ability to make more, many others who lost their life savings do not,” and “at the end of the day it’s just money.” But those are the kinds of “there, there” retorts a man says to soothe himself after a crash.


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