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JetSpeed Takes Off

The release of the new JetSpeed line from TaylorMade gives consumers a couple of interesting products to consider this holiday season, and beyond. One is the JetSpeed driver, which is the first of these clubs from TaylorMade to boast a so-called Speed Pocket. That technology was originally designed to increase the speed at which a clubface flexes and rebounds in order to produce faster ball speed. Now, some observers might wonder why the equipment maker would employ such a feature in a driver that already has a face that is as fast as the USGA will allow. But TaylorMade engineers discovered that incorporating a Speed Pocket in this driver promoted less spin as well as greater ball speeds on shots struck below the center of the clubface, where so many mis-hits occur. As for the JetSpeed fairway metals and Rescue clubs, they each use what company officials describe as a “radically redesigned” Speed Pocket. Though it is smaller and accounts for less weight, the feature is as eficient as ever at boosting clubface speed for greater distance.


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