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Of Long Putters, Facial Hair And Lateral Hazards

A small bucket of balls:

Does it bother anyone else that Adam Scott is winning all these tournaments using a putting method that has been banned? Why is it that every amateur I know has already switched back to non-anchored putting and all the pros have stuck to it like super glue? Are we going to have to pry those putters from their cold, dead hands on Dec. 31, 2015? If they putted as well with a short putter, they’d have changed already. The longer they stubbornly use anchoring, the worse it looks and the more it affirms that the method should have been banned in the first place. Although, I really would like to have mine back. Just saying.

Speaking of Scott, long putter or not, does he have what it takes to be No. 1 in the world – and stay there for a long time? Or is Tiger still the best player in the world, whether he wins majors or not? Guess that depends on how much people value majors. Which is a lot, apparently.

Can we get over this facial hair thing already? Frank Nobilo is the only guy in golf who looks good with a couple of days’ growth. Most everybody else looks ratty. Beards are for people who need to cover their faces.

Do the limited-field, big-money, year-end events – Nedbank, Tiger’s tournament, Shark Shootout – benefit the golf landscape in any way? Wouldn’t a December break from golf be especially nice?

Doesn’t it seem like more than three years ago that Graeme McDowell won the U.S. Open?

Jason Dufner is really funny. Really.


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