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Wilson Driver Has Feel

Once again, Wilson Golf is heralding the start of a new year with the introduction of a new family of clubs, in this case the “F,” or “Feel” line. These are designed for so-called “Feel” players, who are more often than not low-handicap golfers who rely on impact feedback and value precision and shot-shaping ability when they tee it up. And perhaps the most compelling part of this broad offering is the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 driver. This club is the first adjustable driver Wilson has ever produced, and it features a Multi Fit System with six separate loft settings and three sole weight options that are designed to give better players the ability to truly customize their drivers. In addition, the driver utilizes a variable-thickness face to maximize CT (Characteristic Time), for increased ball speeds no matter where contact is made. And a lighter, chemically etched crown is made to help create better sound on shots as it also allows company engineers to redistribute mass in a way that improves performance.


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