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PGA Seeking 'Grandfather Period' For Anchoring

Might anchored putting live past Jan. 1, 2016, at least for recreational golfers?

That’s the hope of PGA President Ted Bishop who, along with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem, will ask USGA officials to institute a “grandfather period” before the rule banning anchored putting goes into effect. The request is for amateurs only, not for professional golfers.

There’s no guarantee such an extension will be granted but Bishop and Finchem are scheduled to meet Feb. 8 with USGA executive director Mike Davis and others during the USGA’s annual meeting at Pinehurst.

In a letter to PGA of America members, Bishop asked for personal stories about how the anchored putting ban will impact golfers. Bishop was outspoken in his opposition to the new rule – Rule 14-1b – and Finchem spoke for the PGA Tour in opposing the rule.

When the USGA changed the rules on grooves in 2009, it allowed a 15-year window for amateurs to comply though it compelled professionals to change in 2010. The new groove rules go into effect in expert amateur competition in 2014.

If you’re thinking about abandoning that long putter, you might want to wait a couple of more months to be sure.


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