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Sonders Puts Butts In Seats

Good money says that the most televised non-tour player in this week’s Humana Challenge won’t be Bill Clinton. It will be none other than Golf Channel’s own Holly Sonders, a 4-handicap on the course, but according to tournament CEO Bob Marra, scratch in the hearts of many.

“Holly is very popular with golf fans,” Marra said.

In other news, the sun rises in the East and Israelis and Palestinians have trouble getting along.

In years past, having a player like Sonders in the Humana field wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows. This was a celebrity-driven event where wrestler Bill Goldberg once threw a fan into a pond and George Lopez dueled Bill Murray for who to wear the goofiest hats.

But in December, it was announced that there would be no celebrity field in this year’s tournament. The pro-am portion of the event still exists, but gone are the days when everyone in Bob Hope’s Rolodex made an appearance.

Now the celebrity cadre consists of Craig T. Nelson, Michael Bolton and Sonders.

We wonder why …


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