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Buckley Aims For Big Time

It wasn’t long after Max Buckley graduated from Southern Methodist University last winter that he did what any young man with a degree in economics and finance would do in that situation. Which was to start looking for a job. The Rye, N.Y., resident had interned for a couple of summers with a financial-services firm in Manhattan and found that he liked that business. It also helped that his Australian-born father had worked in that industry as well. But a funny thing happened on the way to the trading desk. Buckley began winning golf tournaments, and that caused him to rethink his plans. Instead of spending his golfing days as a career amateur, he decided he would try to make it as a touring pro. Buckley knew he was a pretty good golfer when he left college. After all, he had won the Robert Kepler Intercollegiate as a senior – on the Scarlet Course at Ohio State – and twice had qualified for the U.S. Amateur, even making it to the quarterfinals at Erin Hills in 2011. But not even Buckley, an only child who grew up playing at the Westchester Country Club just down the road from his family’s home, thought a record like that meant he should even try to play the game for a living.
However, he did want to keep competing as an amateur as he tried to decide where he was going to work in the real world. And once he secured a full-time job, he would find the time to tee it up in a handful of top-light amateur events each year.


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