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Dubuisson’s Different Drummer

ABU DHABI, UAE | At first sight, 23-year-old Victor Dubuisson, with his golden locks, comes across as a golfer who is blessed on all counts. He has good looks, an abundance of talent and a winning smile.
The Frenchman was No. 1 on the European Ryder Cup points list entering the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, but those who know him best recognise there is a problem. Off the course, he is in a world of his own and a bit of a loose cannon. If, for instance, he agrees on a time for a next-day photo shoot or a sponsor’s function, it is more than likely that he will not turn up. Those concerned are not remotely surprised when it happens. They just shrug their shoulders and say, “That’s Victor for you.” Last week, there was a situation in which he pulled out of Abu Dhabi at the 11th hour and omitted to tell Thomas Levet, with whom he was due to have a practice round. Levet was cool about it but he worries that his compatriot is sending out all the wrong messages ahead of the Ryder Cup. Though Levet did not say as much, what if Dubuisson were to fail to make the team automatically and need a pick? Levet has been trying to help this golfing artist in his dealings with people. Apart from encouraging him to fulill promises, he recommends that he look journalists in the eye and give rather more than monosyllabic answers. “One of the problems,” he says, “is that he’s very shy, very sensitive. It is hard for him. He does not want to tell too much about himself.”


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