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Demo Day: Death Of A Golf Glove

Andy D.'s FootJoy golf club following it's savage demise at PGA Demo Day. (Andy DeKeuster, Global Golf Post)
Andy D.’s FootJoy golf club following it’s savage demise at PGA Demo Day. (Andy DeKeuster, Global Golf Post)

Behold the remains of what used to be my new FootJoy golf glove.

Raw hands, a wrinkled-up glove and sore back … three signs of a successful trip to the PGA Demo Day at Orange County National.

I spent the better part of five hours yesterday walking around the giant, donut-shaped driving range. Mother nature tried to spoil my fun when a torrential rain shower and strong winds showed up. But an hour rain delay didn’t dampen my spirits, I just felt bad for the OCN staff who had to pick up the thousand Bud Light Lime bottles that were scattered around after a trash can blew over.

The highlight of my day was Callaway. After last week’s impressive double-double with wins on the PGA Tour and European Tour, there was a lot of buzz around the new Big Bertha. Well, she’s back, and better than ever. I was impressed with the new stick; the face was hot, the spin was minimal, the smile on my face was endless.

I was eager to see long bomber Jamie Sadlowski take a couple of mighty thrashes with the new club, but with a strong tailwind behind the booth and the parking lot directly downrange, it was probably for the best that he kept the headcover on. Too many rental car windshields just ripe for the shattering.

Day Two continues today with the show indoors. Many more booths to visit, more celebrities to see, tons more golf shoes to try on.

Stay tuned.


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