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Finchem Touts Simpler Rules

During his pre-tournament news conference during which he was justifiably proud to announce the PGA Tour having crossed the $2 billion barrier in charity donations, Commissioner Tim Finchem again faced the seemingly unending question about viewers calling in potential rules violations.

The simple solution seems to be to have a PGA Tour rules official monitor every telecast, make a note of every potential issue that’s telecast and deal with it before Joe in Des Moines calls in.

That, Finchem suggested, isn’t likely to happen, at least not in the immediate future.

What Finchem would prefer – and who wouldn’t be in favor of this? – is to simplify the Rules of Golf. Maybe that way Rory McIlroy wouldn’t have to deal with a two-stroke penalty for standing on a line (though he should have been more careful).

“I know the USGA and the R&A are now focused on ways that perhaps the rules can be simplified,” FInchem said. “It would be great if we had a set of rules that the amateur recreational player paid just as much attention to as the professional.

“We talk a lot about the rules begin the same for the people who play the game at the professional level and the recreational level. I understand the argument there but why shouldn’t the rules be simple enough that the recreational player understand them and go out and play about them religiously. I think we should move in that direction.

“There’s a lot to this and it’s going to take time. As you know, things in golf don’t move all that swiftly but we’ll see what develops.”

A simpler set of golf rules? Sounds pretty good.


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