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Nicklaus Ball Line Debuts

The latest entry in the golf ball market has a very familiar name, that of Jack Nicklaus. And the Golden Bear is taking some different approaches to selling and marketing the product. He is also giving consumers a chance to support a favorite Nicklaus family charity when they purchase a sleeve or two. Nicklaus says he had been thinking about getting into the ball business for some time. After researching and testing samples, he settled on Bridgestone as the manufacturer with whom he wanted to work. But Nicklaus was not looking for the Japanese industrial giant to make just one version of a ball for him. Rather, he wanted to offer three different models to appeal to a broader spectrum of players. He also wanted to simplify the process for golfers trying to decide which ball best suited their games. “Swing speed is an important factor in determining that,” he says. “But only a very small percentage of players actually know what theirs is. They do, however, know what tees they play. So we created ball models that correspond to different teeing areas for golfers. “The Nicklaus White is designed for the players who might typically play the forward or white tees. The Nicklaus Blue is designed for those who would play the middle or blue tees. And finally, Nicklaus Black is designed for the single-digit or better golfer who generally plays from the back tees.”


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