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Bone Valley Classic

BOWLING GREEN, FLORIDA | Bill Coore regularly receives telephone calls from people looking to build or revamp golf courses. After all, he is one of the most sought-after architects in the game, and the courses he has created with his longtime partner Ben Crenshaw, like Sand Hills in Nebraska and Friar’s Head on Long Island, are among the best in the land. But the designer’s dance card is usually full, which means he must say no to most entreaties. So, it was not surprising that Coore graciously declined an invitation from an executive of the Minnesota-based mining giant Mosaic several years ago to visit a site in the Sunshine State from which the company had once dug phosphate rock – and where it now wanted to build a golf resort. “I said that I was really not interested in working on a Florida course,” explains Coore, no doubt fearing the land would be pancake-flat like the vast majority of the
state and envisioning a plan that included lots of real estate. “But the guy on the other end of the line kept saying, ‘Please.’ So, I gave in. “The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the sandy soil,” Coore recalls. “And Ben and I love sand. Next, I saw rugged dunes and blowout bunkers stretching in all directions. It was perfect golf ground, and it neither looked nor felt at all like Florida. Then I learned there was not going to be any housing. I immediately got on the phone with Ben and told him he needed to see this place.”


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