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Lamkin Debuts UTx Grips

Lamkin has been in the golf business since company founder Elver B. Lamkin began making the first leather grips nearly a century ago. And all these years later, it continues to make improvements to that very important yet often overlooked piece of golf equipment. Witness the recent introduction of the UTx grip. Available in three colors with standard and midsize options, the UTx features three functional layers. The foundation is made of what company technicians describe as a super tacky and softer ACE 3GEN material that is designed to enhance comfort as it also dampens vibration. As for the middle layer, it consists of a moisture-wicking fabric weave that is made to deliver surface traction and grip control in wet weather. Then, there is the outer layer, which is a firmer ACE 3GEN compound that is engineered to limit torque and minimize shot dispersion and enable golfers to maintain a tension-free grip for optimal swing speed and shot distance.


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