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Creamer Engaged And Still In The Pink

SINGAPORE | The 27-year-old Paula Creamer describes her career thus far as “100 per cent a family affair.” Her parents, Paul and Karen, have been at her side since she started
out on tour in 2005 – and they even paved the way for a meeting at the 2013 Kia Classic between Paula and the man she will marry in December.
Creamer – who won the HSBC Women’s Champions on Sunday – chuckles at how her mother, a born matchmaker, had suggested to some old friends that they bring their son to the tournament. The son in question, a pilot like his father and hers (he is in the Air Force where the fathers were in the Navy) duly played ball.
Paula thinks that she first noticed the 33-year-old Derek Heath at the back of the seventh green. The couple were formally introduced at the end of the round but no sooner had they shaken hands than Creamer excused herself to go to the practice ground.
Heath can hardly have been encouraged by that first encounter but when, later that evening, the families met for dinner, the conversation flowed.
“The great thing about Derek is that he ‘gets’ what I do and understands that it’s my time right now,” says Creamer. She, in turn, has any amount of respect for Derek’s work: “He is protecting his country, which is huge.”


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