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DryJoys Goes Casual

The key feature in the new Dry-Joys Casual shoe line from FootJoy is a proprietary polymer outsole material called Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF). It is designed to give this new entrant in the performance spikeless category enhanced cushioning and shock absorption. According to Mike Foley, director of product management for FJ Footwear, these shoes boast two distinct layers of varying density of FTF, which are 10 percent lighter than conventional EVA foams. The top one is softer and made to provide all-day comfort to the golfer, while the lower, outer portion is firmer and intended to offer perimeter stability for maximum support during play. In addition, TPU skeletal traction strips are embedded within the FTF outsole material to bolster traction and lateral stability. “Years of research have gone into the development of the FTF material,” says Foley. “The result is a category of shoes that are luxuriously soft and comfortable but perform like nimble, high-end athletic footwear.”


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