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Ko Walking A Little Taller These Days

SINGAPORE | Though 16-year-old Lydia Ko, who finished 15th at the HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore, looks taller than last year, her mother says that it just seems that way because she has lost weight. Also adding to the “growth” impression is that the teenager has left behind the shy gait of her amateur days and is walking with a confidence of one who feels comfortable in her new surrounds.
Things we learned from Lydia in Singapore:
1. She is completing her last year at high school online – and has plans to go on from there with an online degree, possibly in English and/or photography. Regarding the photography, she has just purchased a Canon camera and plans to take pictures of “beautiful landscapes around the world,” starting with those in Queenstown, New Zealand.
2. She devours books, reading them as she eats. Shakespeare and The Great Gatsby get a mention.
3. When nongolfing pals tell her how they once made a hole-in-one at mini golf, she is apt to reply with an admiring, “You’ve got to be kidding.” Never having had a real hole-inone herself, she, too, still gets a buzz from the mini-golf variety.
4. She believes that it was a good thing rather than bad that her parents did not play golf when they all started playing at the same time. “I began with a coach and learned the proper basics, which had to help.”
5. She has met Sir Bob Charles on several occasions back home in New Zealand. The former Open champion has watched her play a couple of New Zealand Women’s Opens and, when she was struggling with her putting, he emphasised the importance of never decelerating
on a putt.
6. To be a junior member of a club in New Zealand, as she was, costs no more than $100 per year: “You have access to the swimming pool and the gym as well as the golf course,” marvelled Lydia.


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