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SLDR Offers 14-Degree Driver

TaylorMade used this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando as a time not only to promote its latest product introductions but also to advance the concept of “lofting up.” The idea behind that is to encourage golfers using its new SLDR drivers, which came out last August and feature a low and forward center of gravity, to go up a degree or two in loft in order to produce more optimal launch conditions. According to Sean Toulon, executive vice president for product creation at the California clubmaker, that is why several of its Tour staff members are now using SLDR drivers with a loft of 12 degrees. “Everything we thought we knew about engineering drivers was turned on its head by these clubs,” he says. So much so, in fact, that TaylorMade is rolling out a 14-degree version of that driver. Toulon calls the move “unprecedented” and says that heretofore, no one has offered a driver with so much loft.


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