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Majors: End Still Justiies The Means

Like it or not, it’s a trend and not a new one at that. It’s happening in college basketball as we speak. It
used to be that every game mattered but coaches of top college teams don’t worry so much about a loss or four anymore, as long as they get their players ready for the NCAA Tournament.
Wichita State will be the only undefeated team that starts the big dance and practically no one is predicting a national championship for the Shockers, even though they shockingly made it to the Final Four last year. If you were to pin Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall in a corner, he might admit that a loss or two could be a good thing for his team heading into the tournament.
The best NBA teams know they aren’t going to win every game and some of them famously coast and rest starters, even in the middle of the season and especially in road games, so everyone will be healthy and ready for the playoffs that carry on into June.
Not even in the sanctified NFL does every team try its hardest to win every game. Some teams that are guaranteed a playoff spot in the last week rest their starters for the final regular-season game to get ready for the games that really count the next week.
And understandably, big-time golf has taken up this questionable strategy. We’re living in a major world these days and it looks as if nearly all of golf’s top players are doing one of two things nearly all the time – (a) playing in majors and (b) getting ready for majors.


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