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Enjoy Phil And Tiger While You Can

One of these days, we’re going to look around and wonder where Tiger and Phil have gone.
Like wrinkles and gray hair, the time is coming.
It’s not here yet and hopefully it won’t happen for a good long while because for the better part of two decades, Tiger and Phil have been the twin faces of professional golf. They’re our Nicklaus and Palmer, our Hogan and Snead.
It’s not sunset but it’s closing in on cocktail hour.
“It happens before you actually realize it,” Frank Nobilo, the Golf Channel analyst, said.
This is not to suggest we’ve arrived at the end.
But it’s something to think about. It’s not good or bad. It’s inevitable. The thought came to mind watching Mickelson wrestle with his cranky back earlier this year at Torrey Pines and, again, with Woods wincing as he walked the past couple of weeks. Mickelson has been playing the Tour for 20 years. Woods is now in his 18th season.
That’s a lot of pro-ams. That’s a lot of “Oh my gosh” moments.
“It’s not that they aren’t still playing at the same high level but if you take away from your game 5 or 10 percent because of your family or your vacation or whatever, that’s massive because the younger guys are going to increase by 5 or 10 percent. The whole dynamic changes. I think we are on the precipice,” Nobilo said.


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