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Nike Covert 2.0 Irons Designed For Distance

According to Chris Savage, irons innovation engineer at Nike Golf, the clubmaker has tweaked its next-generation VRS Covert irons in a number of ways.
For starters, it shifted the center of gravity behind the center of the clubface in the new 2.0s to create a more solid feel at impact. In addition, company technicians lowered the CG by modifying the mass in the back of the clubhead, shifting the weight lower and more towards the toe to encourage a higher and more stable ball flight.
A larger cavity in these irons also moves more metal to the perimeter of the clubhead. The result is a face that Savage says “amplifies the trampoline effect” and produces more ball speed at impact. In his view, that innovation works with Nike Golf’s proprietary NexCOR variable face thickness technology to bolster distance.


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