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Q&A Mike Keiser

Mike Keiser is still on the move. In early January, the man who created Bandon Dunes and Cabot Links in Nova Scotia finalized plans for another major golf project called Sand Valley in Central Wisconsin, 15 miles south of Wisconsin Rapids and 100 miles north of Madison.
Keiser spoke exclusively with The Post’s Steve Eubanks about the project as well as other topics of interest.

THE POST Why Wisconsin?
KEISER Easy, that’s where the big dunes are (laughing). No, really, it’s a little bit more
than that, because there are big dunes all over the Nebraska sandhills, some parts of Kansas – Prairie Dunes is in Hutchinson, Kansas, for example – and I know there is sand in Idaho. But I didn’t initially know that there were sand dunes in Wisconsin, which has the added benefit of being pretty close to Chicago, Minneapolis, and quite close to Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.
It’s sort of close to nothing and central to a lot of stuff. So that location and the 80-foot sand dunes that no one knew were there other than Plum Creek Timber Company, were the plusses for Wisconsin.

THE POST Your other projects have been off the beaten path, but you’ve had the ocean. And you’ve also been able to sell a sense of escapism. People who go to Bandon Dunes talk about it being like another world. Are you concerned that people will not travel to central Wisconsin or that they will not find it as appealing as, say, the Pacific Northwest or the coast of Nova Scotia?
KEISER Yes, I am and it is definitely true sand dunes plus the ocean is a stronger draw than just sand dunes. The proximity to people counterbalances some of that, but if (demographics) were all that there was, I don’t think I would have done it.


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