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Seve’s Namesake Takes His Own Shots

AGADIR, MOROCCO | Seve Benson, who opened with 63 in the Trophée Hassan II in Morocco and was one shot behind Alejandro Cañizares at the half-way stage, has never wished that his father had called him something other than Seve. “Not for a minute,” says the 27-year-old Englishman.
Friends had advised the family that it was not a good idea; they said that the lad would get hassle when he went to school. That, though, never happened. “More often than not,” says Benson, “people seeing my name would call me Steve. They just thought that the ‘t’ had been left out.”
In golfing circles, where everyone knew of Seve Ballesteros, it has been a little different. There have been a few quips across the years, with some more irritating than others. From the latter category, he recalled a day when he was playing for the Surrey county side.
“Hi, I’m Seve”, he had said as he stepped forward to shake his opponent’s hand on the first tee.
“And I’m Tiger,” came the snide rejoinder.
That kind of incident apart, Benson does not believe that his name has put him under extra pressure to perform. Rather does he give the impression that it has added to the degree to which he has been inspired by the Spaniard.


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