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TaylorMade Rolls Out New Balls

TaylorMade recently rolled out a trio of new golf ball lines, and while they each have different performance attributes, they all employ a new cast urethane cover called Soft Tech, which the equipment manufacturer says is the softest and most durable cover it has produced to date.
One of the golf ball models is dubbed Project (a). The “a” stands for “amateur,” and these balls are designed to help golfers of that ilk create more spin on mid- and short-iron shots as well as those around the green.
“Having gathered data from many player types, including Tour pros, it’s no secret that amateurs need help in generating spin and stopping the ball on the green,” says Dean Snell, vice president of golf ball R&D at TaylorMade. “Our tests indicate that amateurs miss the pin by an average of 35 yards on a 150-yard approach shot. Playing Project (a) gives them a better chance at stopping the ball on the green.”


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