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The Girl With The Super-Sized Heart

Some weeks remind you that there are lots of special people in our game who have nothing to do with the tours.
LeeAnn Noble was one. A junior at the University of North Georgia, a 15,000-student military college tucked in the foothills of the Appalachians, Noble had been one of the first players signed to the relatively new women’s program in 2011 by Nighthawks’ coach Leigh Ann Hunter, who said, “I liked her golf game, but more importantly, I was drawn to her maturity, her positive attitude and how she carried herself.”
That maturity showed in many ways, not the least of which was the role Noble assumed in her third year. As better recruiting brought in better players, a young woman who had played every tournament as a freshman and sophomore suddenly struggled to qualify against her younger, stronger teammates. But rather than grumble or threaten to transfer, Noble embraced her new role as a mentor for the underclassmen.
“She had a lot of drive and determination and competitive spirit,” said UNG athletic director Lindsay Reeves. “But I think the biggest thing her teammates and the rest of the student-athletes learned from her was how kind and giving you can be. More than anything else, LeeAnn wanted to give back.”


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