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Finally, A Silver Lining To Climate Change

They certainly didn’t intend it as a positive, but the golf analysis in the March 30 report of the International Panel on Climate Change has been bouncing around on the internet like spilled box of Titleists, with most readers giving it a big thumbs up.

Chapter 10, section 6; subsection 1.1 of the IPCC report states: “The impact of climate change on recreation is largely unknown. The economic impact is largely limited, as people will tend to change the composition rather than the level of their time and money spent on recreation. For instance…climate change will increase boating, golfing and beach recreation at the expense of skiing.”

Despite the egregious use of golf as a verb, this revelation had many online golfers saying, “Yeah, bring it on!”

But the authors weren’t finished. The report went on to state:

“(Experts) foresee an increase in golf in Canada as a result of climate change.”

The rest of the report said we’re doomed, but at least the tee sheet at Glen Abbey in Toronto will be full.

So…there’s that.


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