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Harvey Reboots His Game, Under A Watchful Eye

Scott Harvey had just struck one of the finest golf shots in his life – a 189-yard 7-iron on the par-3 fifth hole at Pine Needles. He and partner Brian Westveer were on the fifth hole of a playoff for the Pine Needles Invitational championship in early March, and Harvey’s high draw bounced 6 feet shy of the flag and rolled into the bottom of the cup.
His first emotion: jubilation about the accomplishment and the victory. He and Westveer high-fived and hooted and hugged and accepted congratulations from opponents Matt Crenshaw and Chris Cassetta, the victory made all the sweeter by the fact Harvey had rolled in a 12-footer for birdie at No. 4 to keep the playoff alive.
His second emotion: emptiness. For years Scott’s first phone call after a round of tournament golf was to his father, Bill, an accomplished and decorated amateur golfer on regional and national levels who died Oct. 13 at age 82 in his Greensboro home, after a long bout with cancer.
“I wish I could talk to my dad,” Harvey said, breaking down in tears as he and Westveer walked to their carts for the drive back to the clubhouse.
Westveer, a close friend and Harvey’s roommate on the amateur golf circuit, suspected that was coming.
“Close your eyes and talk to him,” Westveer responded. “I guarantee you he saw it.”


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