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FST Introduces Two New KBS Shafts

FST, the Boulder, Colo.-based shaft company, continues to expand its KBS line with the rollout of two new offerings, the Tour-V and the C-Taper Lite.
The Tour-V is a lighter-weight, mid-trajectory steel product that has been in development and testing on the PGA Tour since 2012. Offered in three flexes – R-100g, S-110g and X-120g – it is the stock shaft for the new Callaway Apex Pro irons and incorporates what company officials say is an advanced design for taper rate, outside diameter and wall thickness to produce less spin and a more piercing ball flight. In addition, they aver, an advanced step pattern results in equal reduction in stiffness from butt to tip.
“We have also found that dispersion with the Tour-V is some of the tightest we have ever seen,” says Kim Braly, a 30-year industry veteran who is head of R&D at KBS (which stands for Kim Braly Signature) as well as director of tour operations. “And it maintains our signature smooth feel at impact.”


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