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Pinehurst Countdown Intrigue

PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA | The greens are slow at the moment but if you have it on the back of the fourth green and the pin is in the front, you can still be chipping back with your next shot. You can hit a lot of greens but there will be only a few where the ball will actually stay on.
Such is the beauty of Pinehurst No. 2, which isn’t a knockout on the first date but the longer you go out, the better acquainted you become and you learn to appreciate the subtleties and the quirks that make you fall in love all over again each time you visit. And even if it makes you lose your mind a little, the romance never dies. It just deepens.
This is where 156 of the world’s best players in just seven weeks will try to avoid insanity trying to solve the riddle of some of the game’s most confounding green complexes. And complex is the operative word because there are some holes at No. 2 that in order to stay on the green with your approach, much less get it close, you have to get the ball to land and stop in an area the size of your breakfast-nook table.
And those that don’t stay will run off into collection areas around the green where the combatants will have to make some important decisions.
Do I chip? Do I putt? Do I try to bump a hybrid or a fairway wood? Do I punt?


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