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Scotty Cameron Adds To Model Line

The latest offerings from Scotty Cameron include two new lines – the Select and the GoLo – as well as the Futura X Dual Balance putter. According to Cameron, his latest Select offerings include three modern blade designs from his Newport family (Newport, Newport 2 and Newport 2.5) and two modern mid-mallets (Fastback and Squareback), with crisscross sight lines made to enhance alignment.
As for the GoLos, all of which are mallet-style putters, they feature a rounded profile with soft lines and necks. These are available in four models (GoLo 3, GoLo 5, GoLo S5, GoLo 7), and they come with different size and neck configurations so players may choose their preferred appearances and toe flows.
Select and GoLo putters employ deep-milled faces that are designed to produce better feel and softer sounds. Weights in the heel and toe are matched to the shaft length to bolster balance and stability, and
each model comes with a new Silver Mist finish with framed and double-milled red-dot graphics and double-beveled weights.


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