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Trump Golf: Cut In Line; Cut A Deal

Donald Trump didn’t so much get his wish than get his way – and there’s a big difference – which is more than common in Trump’s world. He’s a difficult man to say no to, which makes him a difficult man altogether.
After a handful of years of wheedling, pitching and browbeating, Trump has gotten his major. The 2022 PGA Championship is going to Trump National Bedminster in New Jersey, right around the corner from USGA headquarters.
Trump has long wanted to be a big-time player in big-time golf but has never been especially willing to wait in line. To get to the top, it’s easier to pick up the tab than to pay your dues, and the guy with the biggest checkbook wins. And that’s how we got to Trump National Bedminster.
But it begs the question: Is Trump good for golf?
Trump likes to hear the sound of his name, which makes him a perfect bedfellow with Ted Bishop, the president of the PGA of America. They both know the answer before you ask the question and both believe that money always trumps tradition. So, this was a match made in a helicopter.
Trump really wanted a U.S. Open at Bedminster and the U.S. Women’s Open will be played there in 2017. But the USGA is more enamored of Trump Ferry Point, the public course being built in the Bronx, designed by Jack Nicklaus. There has never been a U.S. Open at a Nicklaus course.


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