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Fujikura Tweaks Speeder Line

Fujikura released its original Speeder shaft in 1995 in Japan, and three years later the Speeder 757 first was played on the PGA Tour. It did not take long for the product to take hold, and Fujikura officials say that by the year 2000, the Speeder was the No. 1 graphite shaft on Tour. A big reason for that success was the company’s use of premium advanced materials in construction of the shaft, which was used primarily in drivers, and the ways it was able to promote both stability and speed, of course. For greater distance.
Since then, Fujikura has made several tweaks to its Speeder line as it also has built on the prosperity of that product by bringing out other high-performance shafts under different model names – and with different attributes. Among the most recent of those is the new Motore Speeder, which was introduced this year. Another newcomer is the Pro 95i, which is made exclusively for irons.
The Motore Speeder was designed with what company technicians describe as Triax Core Technology, in which carbon fiber is woven into a honeycomb structure that covers the ply in three directions. That enables the shaft to resist bending forces from multiple directions during the swing to provide increased stability and speed toward impact.


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