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McIlroy Rises From The Ashes

VIRGINIA WATER, ENGLAND | We should have known Rory McIlroy would behave differently after suddenly ending his engagement because for much of his life as a professional golfer McIlroy has not followed the perceived wisdom or obeyed his peers.
He turned pro too soon, some said. Having joined ISM, the management company run by Chubby Chandler, McIlroy then left it in an extraordinarily sudden and unexpected split. He ignored the advice of senior players such as Darren Clarke, Lee Westwood and Ernie Els to remain in Europe for a season longer and instead joined the PGA Tour.
He began his singles match in the 2012 Ryder Cup after a hair-raising drive to the course and without hitting a warm-up shot. Just as he won his singles, despite his lack of practice, so in each of the other scenarios his course of action seemed to be the right one.
So we should have guessed that McIlroy would not crumble last week at the BMW PGA Championship after announcing that he had broken off his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki only days after the wedding invitations had been sent out. We should have known that faced with a difficult personal situation, and even though he was at Wentworth, a course where he traditionally has done poorly, McIlroy would play some outstanding golf when everyone expected him not to because that is the way he is.


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