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Billy Walters Goes Public With Denial

Global Golf Post obtained an advance copy late Sunday of the first public statement made by Las Vegas gambler and businessman Billy Walters since the story broke last week alleging that Walters, financier Carl Icahn and golfer Phil Mickelson were the target of the SEC and FBI in an investigation alleging insider trading stock violations.

Here is the full text of Walters’ statement:

“I am innocent of doing anything wrong. It’s that simple.

“Those who know me best, know that it is preposterous to think that I would involve myself in insider trading.

“Yes, I have studied and invested in the stock market for many years and no one says anything when I lose money or when I am not successful. And certainly that’s happened, like it has to many of us.

“But the bottom line here is, as I stated before, I’m not involved in any insider trading. I’ve never been involved in any insider trading.”

Global Golf Post also has learned from a source close to Walters that he has not been contacted by either the SEC or FBI as it relates to this reported investigation.

Meanwhile, Mickelson spoke with FBI agents over the weekend and insisted he has done nothing wrong.


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