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Cobra Debuts Baffler XL

Nearly four decades ago, Cobra introduced the Baffler, and it was lauded for how much easier it made hitting certain shots. That initial club was a monster hit and is rightly regarded as one of the most popular pieces of modern-era golf equipment. All these years later, company engineers say it has served as the inspiration for the new Cobra Baffler XL fairways, hybrids and irons.
The fairways and metals in this line feature a high-moment-of-inertia tungsten-perimeter design with oversized rails and a pronounced leading edge, so the clubs are as forgiving as they are easy to hit. And easy is a word one hears a lot from Cobra officials when they discuss the benefits of this product. The clubs also have a thin, high-strength steel face that is made to have more flex, to encourage greater ball speed. In addition, officials say, a low center of gravity combines with a shallower face to promote higher, longer ball flights with less spin.


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