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Miura Forges Ahead With MB001

The folks at Miura like to talk about how they operate on what is called Miura time. “When a club is ready, we will bring it out, but not before,” says Adam Barr, the company’s president. “We do not see golf club development as an annual event. Clubs, if they are based on solid designs, should have substance and longevity.”
That it why it has been six years since the Japanese equipment maker has released a new blade iron. And it also explains the enthusiasm in-house about the new MB001.
According to Barr, the primary improvement in this very elegant-looking product is the way it interacts with the turf. “We have learned a great deal over the years about how subtle changes to the shape of the sole can make the club get through the turf more efficiently, and (make it) more likely to remain square at impact,” he says. “We think golfers will notice the more consistent size and shapes of their divots on the shots they really like with the MB001.”


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