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Boccieri Expands Grip Options

Steve Boccieri continues to tout the benefits of back-weighting golf clubs and the ways that his Secret Grip enables players to do that. And he keeps adding to the line of products that his Scottsdale, Ariz., concern keeps releasing to augment its offerings.
The original Secret Grip for putters, which employs a tungsten insert in the butt end of the grip as well as a proprietary rubber compound that is designed to raise the club’s balance point, came only in a Midsize version and featured what is known as pistol shaping. It also weighed 155 grams.
But this year, the company has added a Classic model – with the sort of traditional slim-grip feel and weight (100 grams) that Boccieri says touring professionals prefer – and also a Jumbo, which tips the scales at 165 grams and is made for those golfers seeking an extra-thick feel and even greater counterweight.


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