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Golden Oldie Monty Finds His Place

PINEHURST, NORTH CAROLINA | The voice of Colin Montgomerie was clearly audible through the flimsy wall of the Sky Television studio as he commentated on the U.S. Open. Moments later the door burst open and there he stood, a familiar figure in slightly unfamiliar clothes, a white, open-neck shirt, and grey trousers.
“Phew!” said Monty, his shoulders dropping as they used to when he missed a 2-foot putt. “That was full on. That was hard.” When he played he often looked dejected and his head would drop. Now he looked as if the cares of the world had just been lifted from his shoulders instead of being placed on them.
We’ve had Monty the dominant figure on the European Tour in the ’90s, Monty the winning Ryder Cup captain in Wales four years ago and Monty the winner of a major championship on the Champions Tour in the U.S. last month. Now we have Monty, the TV star, on Sky and Golf Channel.
“I’m still a wee bit out of my comfort zone,” Montgomerie said, leaning back in a chair and putting his shoes up on a desk. “I am learning to keep it short. When I started I was told they wanted opinion and insight and so that is what I am trying to give them. I know I must be myself and get my sense of humour across. I enjoy giving an opinion. I am a fan of golf.”
He was tanned and corpulent, as if the pounds sterling he has been winning as a senior have been matched by the addition of pounds avoirdupois. He was smiling, not as he had sometimes been when he played when he resembled the person referred to in a quote often attributed to Dr. Johnson: “It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.”


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