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Trump's Over-The-Top Pinehurst Rant

Seeing Pinehurst No. 2 up close made all of us who were here think that Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore didn’t get it right, they got it perfect. So it was something of a shock to go online and see some of the negative comments about how the place looked on television.

“Dustbowl” was one of the nicer things said by these critics. Potty humor quickly took over as some tweeters noted that Pinehurst No. 2 was aptly named.

The biggest shock came from Donald Trump, who went on a Twitter rant about the course. His tweets including the following gems:

This seemed so over-the-top to the point of parody that I had to check to make sure this was, in fact, Trump’s account and it hadn’t been hacked.

Certainly Donald is as entitled to his opinion as anyone else, especially given how many premier golf courses he owns now. But this is not the way to treat a tournament you didn’t attend, or two of the finest living architects in the game.


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