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Tiger Watch Is On Again

Watching Tiger Woods play golf again last week, even if it wasn’t vintage Tiger, felt good.
“It’s awesome having @Tiger-Woods back in action,” Jordan Spieth tweeted Friday morning.
He’s right.
Spieth had the distinction of being grouped with Tiger the first two rounds and if their golf left something to be desired, the moment did not.
With Tiger back and hopefully healthy for the long term, history is back in play. Nobody else does that.
Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els can pad their Hall of Fame résumés if either wins another major championship. Mickelson, in particular, can elevate his place in the game if he can lasso a U.S. Open trophy at some point. Because he’s kept the world at arm’s length, Vijay Singh is admired for the numbers he accumulated but he evokes no more passion than a trip to the drug store.
Woods, though, stirs the imagination.
Tiger’s bogey-cluttered two days at Congressional weren’t entirely surprising. Only he knows if he rushed himself back, but there was always going to be a layer of rust in need of knocking off and if it could be done before heading to Hoylake for the Open Championship in less than three weeks, it’s a step in the process.
Don’t worry, we’re not going to get bogged down in “process” talk.
But it’s nice to have Tiger talk again.
I get that not everybody loves him or even likes him. I have the e-mails to prove it, even now. It’s different, though, when he’s involved, different in a good, more meaningful way.
Tiger matters like no one else in golf, maybe in any other sport.


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