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The Riddle That Is Dubuisson

PARIS | At the time of writing, Victor Dubuisson tops the list of the 2014 European Ryder Cup players and, according to the statisticians, it is virtually impossible for him to be shrugged from the team at this late stage.
But still this disconcerting and oddly sensitive soul talks of how he has yet to make the squad. He dare not believe that he will be involved in what he sees as the best event a golfer can play: “It’s like a dream.” The 24-year-old Dubuisson, more than any other leading professional, would love to be allowed to leave his clubs to do the talking. Since that cannot happen, especially in a Ryder Cup context, we can be sure that he will get plenty of help from captain Paul McGinley when he must face all those writers who will want to get inside his head at Gleneagles.
McGinley, mind you, cannot but be aware that this is a situation which could also work to his side’s advantage, for Europeans are never better than when they are rallying round a teammate. They did it for Colin Montgomerie when he was going through his divorce and they did it for Darren Clarke when he played in the match six weeks after his first wife’s death from cancer.
It was immediately after Dubuisson won the 2013 Turkish Open that he let slip that he barely remembered his schooldays: “I was at golf, not at school.”
A follow-up question along the lines of whether anyone minded had him dropping his sad bombshell. “Well no,” he said, “I didn’t really have family so, you know, I was just doing what I wanted to do and I decided to be a professional when I watched Tiger Woods winning the 1997 Masters.”


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