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WGC's Small, Small, World

There’s another World Golf Championship event at Firestone this week.

Like there’s a WGC event at Doral each March.

The WGC match play event has been in Arizona for a while now but it’s moving to San Francisco next year, now that Accenture and Dove Mountain are out. At least it moved one time zone west.

Good thing the HSBC Champions is in Shanghai in November otherwise they could rename these the United States Golf Championships.

I’m hardly the first to raise the point but if the World Golf Championships were truly worldly, wouldn’t more than one of them be played outside the United States?

Why not move a WGC event to the U.K. or France or Germany around the Open Championship?

There was talk that the match play event could move to Colombia but it wound up, at least for 2015, in San Francisco. The idea of going to Bogota earned points for thinking outside the box but the suspicion is organizers knew it would be tough to get the game’s top players to make the trip.

There are solid reasons for playing the WGC events when and where they do. They fit nicely into the PGA Tour schedule and make it easier for international players to show up, especially when the Firestone event is the week before the PGA Championship. They get the best players together, which is harder than it should be.

You can only wonder how many top American players might balk at making a long trip if the WGC events weren’t played here. The guess is plenty of guys would find reasons not to go if it meant going to South America rather than South Florida.


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