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Arccos App Keeps Track Of Your Game

Technological advances in golf are not limited to the metals, irons and balls that players use to hit their shots. The world of golf applications is exploding as well, and the latest example of that trend – and all it offers – comes from Arccos Golf.
Arccos uses a club-to-cloud platform technology developed by Callaway Golf, the Carlsbad, Calif., equipment maker, and designed to integrate with iPhone capabilities. It employs Google Maps software to provide on-course distances for players of some 16,000 courses.
The app provides real-time, automatic tracking of statistics that include everything from distances shots travel to putts made and greens and fairways hit in regulation, so that golfers may accurately identify patterns in their games and refine tactics in how they play different courses.
In addition, the Arccos app breaks down handicaps into five key components – drives, approaches, chips, bunker shots and putts – so golfers can understand better how each part of their games contributes to their scores.


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