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Ping G30 Driver Takes Off

Ping long has been acclaimed as a technology-driven golf company, and its engineers say that their new G30 driver offerings are only the latest examples of how the clubmaker is able to keep elevating performance across its product lines.
It all starts, they say, with the employment of patented “turbulators,” which are raised ridges on the crown of the G30 driver that reduce aerodynamic drag by 25 percent near impact, for increased distance.
“Wind tunnel testing verified with clarity the role that turbulators play in reducing drag on the driver head,” says John A. Solheim, chairman and CEO of Ping. “But its real benefit was confirmed through our player testing. When Bubba Watson first tested the turbulators, he picked up 2 mph in club head speed and 4 mph in ball speed, which meant 10 more yards for him.”
“We cannot promise that for everyone, but we are confident that all golfers will be longer off the tee, thanks to turbulator technology.”


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