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Oakley’s New Bag Takes It Lite

The folks at Oakley are not kidding when they call their latest bag offering Factory Lite, for it tips the scales at a mere 2.8 pounds. That’s about half of what the average carry bag weighs, and the idea is to make it as easy and comfortable as anything else on the market.
Engineers at the California company best known for its golf shoes and sunglasses were able to reduce heft in the Factory Lite in a number of areas.
For example, they employed a light-yetsturdy and abrasion-proof ripstop nylon of the sort used for high altitude tents as the main material in this bag, and added legs made of a carbon fiber instead of steel or aluminum.
They also ensured that the Factory Lite utilized 40 percent less zipper tape and eschewed embroidery on the outside in favor of screen-printing. And while the bag boasts somewhat smaller pockets, Oakley officials say that there are strategically located and designed to provide plenty of storage room for essentials like golf balls, gloves, towels and tees as well as the odd rain jacket.


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