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Monday Morning Quarterbacking

(Joel Kowsky, USGA)
Phil Mickelson delivered stern criticism to captain Tom Watson, but isn’t blameless himself. (Joel Kowsky, USGA)

Coupla things:

Global Golf Post’s criticisms of Tom Watson and the PGA of America have been harsh – maybe more harsh than those of any other media outlet.

And we stand by every word we have published on the subject of the mistakes made on the U.S. side at last month’s Ryder Cup matches at Gleneagles.

In the aftermath, Phil Mickelson said things that needed to be said although you can certainly debate his timing. Almost everybody has.

Here’s the question to which I still haven’t heard an answer:

Why wasn’t Mickelson on the same plane with his 11 teammates going to and from Scotland for the matches?

Mickelson is loaded with good qualities. But he is no saint. Remember 2004 when he practiced offsite in the days leading up to America’s Ryder Cup defeat at Oakland Hills.

Golf is an individual sport. Except when it isn’t.

Ryder Cup golf is a team sport. The rules need to apply to all team members.

Mickelson should have been on the plane.

Sang-Moon Bae leads the FedEx Cup after the first tournament of the new season. (Eric Risberg, AP Photo)
Sang-Moon Bae leads the FedEx Cup after the first tournament of the new season.
(Eric Risberg, AP Photo)

On another subject:

I just can’t get my head wrapped around the PGA Tour’s so-called “Wraparound Season.”

All credit to winner Sang-Moon Bae at Silverado on Sunday. And I hope the guys have a great time in Las Vegas this week.

But professional golf in America needs an offseason. One that lasts more than two weeks.

Its fans need time to recharge their rooting energies; time to watch a little football; take in a baseball game or two on the tube; read a book; hug a child.

Even farmers let fields lie fallow so the nutrients can replenish.

I’m talking just about the PGA Tour here. Amateur golf goes on all over the world 12 months out of the year. Soon Golf Channel will be showing events in Australia and South Africa. Tiger’s tournament is in December in Florida.

But I’m just not ready yet to be reminded Sang-Moon Bae is leading the 2014-15 FedEx Cup points race.

Just sayin’.


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