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Unfair for DeChambeau to Take Hit from NCAA

The news was handed down by the NCAA today, and for the most part, it was entirely expected. The Southern Methodist University Men’s Basketball and Golf teams were hit hard for a series of serious infractions, many of which the school had already admitted to. As a result, the men’s golf team will be banned from post-season play next spring.

And that means that 2015 NCAA Champion Bryson DeChambeau will not be allowed to defend his title.

The postseason sanctions were in response to recruiting violations and unethical conduct in the men’s golf program, the NCAA said in a Tuesday news release. Josh Gregory, the former SMU head men’s golf coach, resigned abruptly in August 2014 following the alleged violations.

Because DeChambeau played for a coach who cheated, repeatedly and despite several warnings, this outstanding young man cannot defend his individual championship. DeChambeau, a senior at SMU, had nothing to do with the infractions, yet he is taking the hit.

How can any dim bureaucrat at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis arrive at this result?

DeChambeau is a student athlete in the truest sense. He is everything the NCAA wants you to believe about student athletes at a time when the phrase is typically an oxymoron. He is a physics major who returned to school this year to get his degree, passing on the opportunity to cash in and turn professional. He has twice represented the Untied States with distinction in international competition in the last year, and he won our national amateur championship in August.

This outcome is so wrong that it defies belief. Except that it came from the mindless, overpaid, arrogant men and women in Indianapolis who are desperately trying to hold onto their kingdom as it is challenged legally time and again.

The NCAA is the vilest and corrupt organization in sport this side of FIFA. This outcome is just further proof. They are willing to penalize a great kid in order to make some sort of point to the rest of intercollegiate athletics.

Somewhere in golf, there is a passionate golfer who is also an attorney, and he or she is going to be indignant about this. I hope that person takes on DeChambeau vs. NCAA and beats them, 9&8.


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