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Seventh Year of Global Golf Post

Jim Nugent on the Golf Channel

This is the story of how an upstart magazine ensured a home for quality golf journalism for a long while to come. It’s the story of Global Golf Post. READ MORE at the Massachusetts Golf Association website

Coverage of professional golf has all but disappeared from newspapers across the country. Coverage of the amateur game in America, never abundant, has disappeared; it is left to websites from state and regional golf associations to cover amateur golf.

Meanwhile, the national golf magazines find their business in free fall as reader behavior continues to change and advertisers react to these changes.

The leading monthly golf magazines are shells of their former selves, with fewer paid subscriptions and declining ad pages. One of the weekly print magazines ceased publishing in 2014 and the other, now publishing just 26 issues, is no longer a true weekly publication.

But the tools created by the digital revolution have enabled others to fill the void. One shining example is GLOBAL GOLF POST, now beginning its seventh year of publishing with three different, distinct editions, serving the United States, Canada and Europe, respectively. It is distributed to more than 1.5 million golfers each week, and it has become a respected and admired part of the global golf media landscape.

READ FULL STORY at the Massachusetts Golf Association website.



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