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WATCH: Tiger Back to Making Full Swings

Tiger Woods is hitting balls again and he posted the video to prove it.

Days after speculation swirled on Twitter that Woods practically needed a walker to get around, he posted a video Wednesday morning that showed him hitting iron shots into a simulator with the message “progressing nicely.”

What does it mean?

It means Woods is making progress from his third back surgery but it does not mean his return to tournament golf is imminent.

“We still don’t have a timetable” Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent, said. “It doesn’t make sense to put a timetable on it.

“There’s no reason to say this is the date then have to accelerate it or decelerate it. That’s why we put the hashtag ‘progressing nicely’ on it. He’s in a good place.”

Woods hasn’t spoken publicly about his recovery since hosting the Hero World Challenge in December. His condition became a hot topic last weekend when there were social media reports that Woods was unable to drive his kids to school because he couldn’t sit comfortably in the driver’s seat of his car.

“There was a lot of chatter from some people on Twitter over the weekend. It was obviously completely erroneous, completely false and, frankly, hurtful. But that’s how people are,” Steinberg said.

“It would have been one thing for us to put out a statement saying Tiger has been putting and chipping and is now hitting wedges and 9-irons. But to put out a video this morning, that shows it.

“There are so many cynics out there. Are they going to believe my statement? I hope they would because it would be coming from Tiger. But we thought this was a more appropriate way to respond to Tigers’ fans.”


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