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A Prescription For Tiger

Mandatory Credit: Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters. Picture Supplied by Action Images.

So Tiger Woods had a Wednesday morning tee time on a golf simulator.

Following social-media scuttlebutt earlier this week suggesting that Woods had suffered a setback in his recovery from back surgery – and the requisite denials by Woods’ agent – the Woods PR machine did nice work in tweeting out a video of Tiger hitting a short-iron shot on a simulator.

Woods appears to swing without noticeable restriction, and the date “2-24-16” is conspicuous in the top left corner of the simulator screen. Even better, Woods’ approach shot hits the middle of the digital green, about 15 feet right of the hole. Or so it appears.

Appearances aside, there remain huge questions as to whether and when Woods will return to competition. My take is that his best chance to win on Tour in his 40s will be to take it much more slowly than he has in previous comeback attempts.

Skip the summer. Enjoy your kids. Play cart jockey at the Ryder Cup. Stick a toe in the water with a few fall starts. Full bore in 2017.

That’s my prescription.


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