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Feherty Doing Two Shows With Spieth

For David Feherty, whose interview show Feherty returns to Golf Channel for its sixth season Monday night, the idea that he already has done more than 90 shows in the series still surprises him.

“It’s ludicrous,” Feherty said. “It’s just been such a tremendous vehicle. I don’t think I ask particularly difficult questions. I’ve got guests. They’re not victims. That’s for somebody else’s show.

“I have people on because I like them or I don’t particularly know them. My favorite shows have been those that show a side of someone like Jim Furyk or Sergio García or David Duval, or Bob Costas is one that’s coming up. People have a perception of someone based on what they see and what they believe from newspapers or seeing them on TV that I know is false or I know there is another side.”

For the first time, Feherty will do two shows with world No. 1 Jordan Spieth to kick off the season because Spieth was so compelling.

“He is different,” Feherty said. “We hung this perfect millstone around his neck. He’s got a little evil in him which is really nice and not in a bad way. He likes to needle people for that intellectual exchange.

“He’s a killer, an absolute killer. He turned into a different animal when he talked about the British Open. I had to touch him and I said you know you’re going to get another chance at this. You can’t be this (frustrated), but he was.”

As for his transition this year from CBS Sports to NBC Sports, Feherty still is in an adjustment period.

“I still feel pressure,” he said. “I haven’t really gotten comfortable with it yet, with the new voices and identifying them.

“People have been so cool. Everyone has fallen over themselves to make it easier for me. I needed that. I do. It has been difficult. Twenty years. I miss people. (Gary) McCord, I talk to him all the time, I text him all the time. (Peter) Kostis and Jimmy (Nantz) and the rest of the boys.”


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